Law Offices

The lawyers who work in cooperation with the Human Rights Defenders Fund are experts in human rights and have many years of experience representing Human Rights Defenders in both Israeli and military courts.

  • Pomeranz Law Office
  • Bechor & Ben-Hillel Law Offices
  • Adv. Lea Tsemel
  • Adv. Shade Eben Bari
  • Adv. Carmel Pomerantz
  • Adv. Taher Al’ Makawi
  • Adv. Amer Yassin
  • Adv. Itay Mack
  • Adv. Shlomy Zachary
  • Adv. Ishay Shneydor
  • Adv. Andre Rosenthal
  • Adv. Asaf Weitzen
  • Adv. Yuval Yoaz
  • Adv. Nasser Odeh
  • Adv. Renen Ziv
  • Adv. Didi Lupo
  • Adv. Khaled Aun
  • Adv. Barak Cohen